Monday, May 11, 2009

2nd Set of Pictures

A few more pictures from last night's protest. I was shocked to see parents bringing their children into a protest like this.

There are also a few additional picture that clearly show water bottles and debris that was unfortunately thrown by some some of the protestors at the Toronto Police officers who were trying to prevent the protestors from gaining access to the highway.


  1. Good riddance to bad rubbish!! Canada asked for this when they didn't think ahead to implement proper immigration policies.

    They unfortunately facilitate the LTTE terrorist in making a base outside of srilanka. The war in srilanka will end soon but the war in canada is just beginning.

    When this happens, canada along with the rest of the countries that the LTTLE have established themselves in, will see terrorism in a new light.

    Good luck to you all.

  2. We tamils are a emerging force in Canada.We have the largest population outside Sri Lanka. You Canadiand wait and see, one day we will have our owm state here as we are determined to do in Sri Lanka.There we developed everything from weapons, Navy and Army to distroy Sri Lankan and even Indian forces. Time has come to show our superiority to the rest of the world.We will establish our Tamil state here too.

  3. First of all...everyone have the right to express their opinions...that's what the perks living in Canada. But don't let the innocent people in Canada suffer from their action...thousands of people were stuck in highway on Sunday night.
    These Sri Langka people,the Tamils, are being SELFISH!! They're only thinking about their country, Sri Lanka. What about the country that they are living right now, CANADA? If those Tamils people don't like living in Canada..why don't they go back to where they belong? Why did they come here from the first place? We're as resident living in Canada should protect our own country too no? Everyone in the world are experiencing RECESSION...and some of us are experiencing trouble to put food in the table every day...we don't have extra money to help other countries. ARGH! I hate STUPID PEOPLE!!!
    They (the Tamils) don't even think that when they're doing protesting...all the police around Toronto have been reassign to guard these stupid tamil protestors...and not guarding the city...hence the crime rate will increase during these time...making Toronto not a SAFE city! What the hell?!?

  4. I think it would serve our complacent society well to take a lesson from those who aren't afraid to stand up for what they believe in...